Our e-tendering ensures organizations are able to integrate contract management processes with the latest finance software to maximize purchasing power and successfully manage complex procurement activity with full transparency.

Key Features

  • Heightened transparency and insight allowing your organization to reduce risk.
  • Sourcing and public tendering
  • Procurement management and administration
  • Self-service procurement and streamlined requisitioning
  • Procurement management
  • Contract and legal document authoring
  • Contract negotiation, execution, amendment, and storage
  • Contract management and monitoring
  • Purchasing governance
  • Automate reporting of mandatory award notifications to relevant authorities
  • Streamline global spend analysis
  • Identify high-risk suppliers so that awards reflect informed decision making
  • Enforce compliance with directives via workflows, audit trails, and alerts
  • Virtual support for the “four eyes” security principle
  • Prevent fraud with controls to identify and increase the utilization of small and disadvantaged vendors

Value Proposition

  • Through our innovative e-tendering tool, we can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and automate your processes.