Clinical/medical advisory

A highly skilled and experienced team of clinicians (including Physicians, Nurses and Clinical, Pharmacists,Scientists/Allied Health) provide services across the four service lines.

Our consultants have extensive hands on international experience as clinicians with involvement as clinical transformation experts, program managers for implementation and clinical informaticians.

Our consultants’ capabilities cover the following key areas as part of an overall strategy for adoption of new technology within a Clinical/medical operation:

Clinical Transformation capability determines how patient journey and related clinical processes can be positively enhanced or transformed by the use of clinical information services.

Clinical Implementation capability introduction of new clinical information system and manage the resultant impact upon clinicians.

Clinical Informatics capability how is data generated from new clinical information systems to drive clinical quality improvement and patient safety.

Change Management capability manages the business discipline related to handling change across people, process and technology. This is an ongoing requirement in large and complex environments.