August 9, 2016

Ashghal adopts malomatia innovative elearning solutions

Ashghal continues to focus on strengthening competencies as one of the leading government entities responsible for contributing to the achievement of comprehensive development and sustainability.

Ashghal attaches special importance to improving human capital through comprehensive and intensive training and development plans.

As part of the development of individuals and competencies, Ashghal adopts a set of programs with emphasis on the “Individual Development Plans”, which are prepared and implemented for all Qatari employees.

Ashghal adopts an innovative approach towards training programs for employees and have recently tied up with malomatia, Qatar’s leading IT company to build a comprehensive elearning solution.

The eLearning concept is considered to give Ashghal employees more flexibility and allow them to organize time optimally.

The program was recently launched for Qatari employees at Ashghal and is aligned to their individual development Plans.