malomatia is a close partner to government organizations, with a strong history of supporting national authorities in their transformation to e-government, through high-value IT services and solutions that are of national and social strategic importance.

With a close relationship with leading government bodies, malomatia is committed to facilitating and supporting the country's growing ambitions across economic, social and information-based engagements with the public, businesses and individuals.

The offerings include Government Services, digital government and business services, performance and record management solutions, among many other tailored solutions.

malomatia manages the Government Contact Center which is the most advanced of its kind in the region and services over 24 government agencies and ministries in Qatar across multiple channels.

malomatia is also involved in the development and implementation of the Government Network which links all national authorities and ministries under a common secure umbrella.

malomatia helped develop the Ministry of Economy and Commerce's Business Setup Services platform which provides business and entrepreneurs with online and mobile access to the ministry's services.