BI & Analytics

In collaboration with international partners, malomatia provides world-class solutions and services that are fully compliant with globally established industry best practices, tailored to meet local requirements.

malomatia helps clients collect, filter and analyze organizational data to create actionable intelligence that can help business managers and corporate leadership make informed decisions in the strategic planning of their business.

  • Business focus, tailored BI and Analytics implementation
  • Integrate everyone attached to business activities
  • Customers gain fast, accurate and timely delivery of business insights
  • Expandable, modular and upgradable solutions
  • Accountability, Dedication and Discipline during the entire project life cycle

Subject Matter Expertise

malomatia offers in-house subject matter expertise that caters to all BI and Analytics needs. A highly skilled team provides solutions from strategy to solution development and production support and maintenance.

Subject Matter expertise, coupled with partnership with leading Business Intelligence solution vendors, allows malomatia to cater to a wide spectrum of industries.

Some of the specialist services offered by malomatia include BI & Analytics Strategy development, Data Warehousing and Technology Architecture solutions, Mobile Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management to meet overall organizational BI objectives. The offering includes:

  • BI and Analytics Strategy Development
  • DW/BI Governance (Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence)
  • DW/BI Architecture
  • Mobile BI / Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Solution Development
  • Audit
  • Data Governance
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)


malomatia follows a tested implementation methodology with measurable outcomes that allow business users to access insights through a wide variety of BI artifacts like Reports, Metrics, Dashboards, KPI’s, Predictive Data Analysis and Social Media Analytics.

Our approach considers the full life cycle of a BI Project

Understanding Needs

Constructive discussions with different business stakeholders to understand their needs and challenges, which form the foundation for ultimate product delivery, to eventually cater to the requirements and expectations of the business.

BI Architecture Design

The correlation between data and business to integrate all data islands in the organization into a single integrated data warehouse which represents accurate truths about the organization.

Solution Development

Once policies are set and the architecture framed, malomatia delivers the end to end DW/BI solution, with integration testing to the finest detail.

Governance and Audit

Enabling the solution to scale according to the set principles of data governance and facilitating continuous data audits for accuracy and integrity checks.

Project Management

Project life cycle activities are managed by expert project managers who ensure activities, timelines and the overall project plan are adhered to.

Maintenance and Support

Post-implementation support and maintenance by qualified professionals

Enterprise Performance Management

An EPM driven BI approach is critical in building an effective information management system with the ability to generate key insights from business data. This enables the adoption of an integrated approach to measure and manage the performance of an organization.

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